Friday, November 27, 2009

Sonic Booms and Thanksgiving Gifts

Photo credit NASA

9.40am (EST) we heard the sonic boom from space shuttle Atlantis as it flew over the space coast to land in the Kennedy Space Centre. Atlantis, "our" shuttle which we saw take off on a previous mission in May. Although a small dot speeding across the clear blue sky, it was thrilling.

We had taken a berth in Cocoa Village Marina, near Cape Canaveral, because of bad weather, an epic laundry load and Thanksgiving shopping at Publix (my favourite supermarket.) However, we could only afford one night.

As we watched Atlantis, enthralled, Cheryl who works at the marina waited on the dock with a message, a gift from berth holder John Wilson. Concerned that it was too cold to be on the hook, he paid for an extra night for us so we could watch the Christmas Boat Parade in comfort. This extra night was matched by the marina, two extra nights for free. Thanksgiving gifts and an indulgent treat which makes all the difference. John and I were deeply touched by such unexpected generosity. It brought a tear to my eye.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Heading South down the ICW

We are heading south after returning to Seraphim in the Chesapeake.

It's been a gruelling trip with lots of bad weather and numerous repairs but the excellent staff at the Pleasure Cove Marina near Baltimore kept us going. Read our post about them on YBW here.

Currently we are in the Cape Fear area motoring down the ICW.

...coming soon Chesapeake to the Carolinas and the boy's birthdays.