Sunday, June 6, 2010

Amtrak- Florida to New York City

Midnight Train to Georgia.

Technically it was through the Carolinas at midnight but we still hummed the tune waiting for train 98, the Silver Meteor. A thousand miles of  changing landscapes: swamps, woods, forests, rivers, shacks, villages and cities.

Twenty five hours from West Palm Beach along the East Coast to New York City via Orlando, Jessup, Savannah, Philadelphia and Washington DC. Passing over a bridge entering Washington DC we waved at the Potomac and Washington Channel anchorage, and rememberd our sweltering time in the city in July. It was a fascinating trip tracking our previous sailing along the eastern seaboard.

No 8 and No 7, the two roomettes, one for us and one for the boys were worth the $300 each extra. They gave privacy and some time out from the boys. The food included in the ticket, served in the Dinning Car, was surprisingly good.

The train was a great experience, and a great way to ease us off Seraphim.  For eight years, since we married, exploring on our boat has been our focus which expanded to include Jack, and then James. The last three weeks have been a difficult time with high temperatures and emotions. Thankfully the Seawalkers, with whom we travelled extensively last year, arrived in Palm Harbour Marina on the same day. Their help and support was invaluable as we prepared Seraphim and ourselves for the Journey. Whilst President Obama gave a press conference on the increasingly serious situation in the Gulf of Mexico I cleaned out the oily bilge, I felt for the folks in Louisiana.

Saying farewell to Seraphim, even for a few weeks, was a poignant moment. I shed a tear and John had “dust” in his eyes. Our floating home has sailed us through rough and smooth seas, physically and metaphorically. We look forward to seeing her again in Southampton.

Tomorrow we have a day in New York, and on Monday we embark on our voyage to the UK aboard the Queen Mary 2.