Saturday, July 4, 2009

A look back at the Caribbean

Now that we have completed the 2,500 mile trip
from the Caribbean to the Chesapeake Bay,
here is a look back at some of our Caribbean highlights.

Super-yacht racing in Antigua.
Trimaran "Region Guadaloupe" won
with sustained speeds of over 20 knots.

Drinking the legendary Espresso Martinis
in the Skulduggery Bar, Antigua

In the Thunderball Cave, Bahamas

With the Seawalk kids, St Maarten

In the Trafalgar Falls, Dominica, with
the kids from Seawalk and
Double Helix.

Our friends Molinari, living the dream
cruising the Bahama Banks

With the iguanas on Allens Cay, Bahamas

Jack's tidal beach which re-appeared
every 6 hours behind the boat.

Barracuda, Bahamas

Blackpoint, Bahamas. A typical store.
This village was one of the friendliest
in the whole Bahamian chain

Jack and James, Georgetown Bahamas

A Box fish swimming just under
the surface off Conception Island

Sunset over the Caribbean

St Thomas, US Virgin Islands

James in Anagada, BVI and all the boat kids in Martinique

Two amazing sights. One is the airport at St Maarten
and the other is the Maltese Falcon one of the world's
largest private yachts. Seen here in the BVI

Local child in Dominica

Steel band at the Shirley Heights Jump up
in Antigua

Our wonderful waitress, Kendra, in Dominica

Seacat, THE tour guide in Dominica

Seraphim cruising the BVI

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