Friday, August 21, 2009

Storm in New York City

Fully laundry-ed and provisioned the Seraphims were ready to explore Long Island Sound. The night before we were due to leave a violent lightning storm hit New York. It was shocking. A bolt crashed down next to Seraphim. It was a strike to a nearby building but the electromagnetic pulse destroyed all the instruments on the brand new yacht anchored next to us. (See picture).
Several other boats dragged anchor in the rain storm. John was prepared for one to be swept onto us by the strong current. Fortunately they were able to re-set their anchors.
The storm was over in twenty minutes moving on at thirty miles an hour to cause damage else-where in the city, knocking down over one hundred trees in Central Park.

Click below to see a short video we took of the storm approaching.

The next morning, Ken Barbour, a meteorologist we met in Palma emailed us a warning that Hurricane Bill was going to cause trouble in the North East in the next few days. John reviewed our plans and saw that in the event of a close hit from a hurricane, Long Island and the New York harbour area is subject to severe storm surge. To be safe we are heading one hundred miles up the Hudson River in company with catamaran “Catacaos.”

Follow Hurricane Bill at the Noaa website here.

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