Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter in Bimini

Bimini celebrated Easter with song and dance. Jack’s first Easter egg hunt of three was around the large swimming pool in the marina. In Alice Town there was a Junkanoo Carnival.  The tourist officer at the Ministry of Tourism told me Junkanoo was on Friday and Saturday, and pointedly, church on Sunday.

The Anglican Church is one of eight on this seven mile long by half mile wide island. The congregation turned out in their Easter Service Best.

After a two hour Easter Service (a stretch for us let alone James), the children were given Easter baskets for a sedate egg hunt around the Church yard.

Later new cruising friends from San San joined Jack and James for a crazier egg scamper around the marina playground followed by lunch beside the infinity pool whilst the children splashed in the cold water. A delightful day.

On the beach and the boat we marvel at the colours of the sea. From palest turquoise it moves through the spectrum to azul and cyan in the deeper water of the Gulf stream. A phenomena known as the Bimini Colour Change.  It’s how I imagine the stairway to heaven.

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