Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Discover Scuba

A week in Port Lucaya, Grand Bahama even at a discount was expensive, and too full of sports fisherman and tourists for us. It had been a fun stop but it was time to head to the Abacos. But first, we had to find somewhere with a cheap laundry. With that intention we headed to Ocean Reef Yacht Club for a stop before the two day trip across the Bahama Banks.

Coming into Ocean Reef was another heart in mouth experience with rock outcrops on both sides. I shouted instructions and full speed aheads from the bow and John steered us through the shallow, narrow, uninviting entrance.

It's small and friendly and it suits us. Two swimming pools, a Jacuzzi, beaches, a laundry, a gym, cheap hire car and resort scuba classes.

Having seen me learn to scuba Jack was keen to learn. John gave him a special lesson.

Other resort activities include bingo of which Jack is a big fan, and, karaoke night - another Jack favourite. But most fun is the cruisers singalong.

I find the astanga yoga classes a real stretch but love them. It’s easy here and with John and I empty of energy, and our boys full of it, that’s important. Two weeks has gone quickly.


  1. Hey there beautiful family!
    I love the photos. The sea sure is pretty in your part of the world.
    I'm loving Water World and have never been happier.
    Fairwinds and fun to you all,

  2. Overboard, good to hear you are in such a good place. You are doing it, for real, and thoroughly deserve it. Fair winds on your true life adventure.

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    Thank you for sharing.